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Faint Glow

The Immersive 365 Life is a unique and engaging bible reading experience unlike any other. Like other plans, it will take you through the Bible in 365 days. But unlike other plans, it is designed with daily readings from Proverbs, the New Testament, and the Old Testament - simultaneously and in chronological order. No matter which OT we are reading from, we will always get spiritual and practical truth because the daily readings include Proverbs and the New Testament. This will keep the reading fresh, keep us engaged, and will enrich our reading altogether.


By the end of 2022, you will have read:

- The Old Testament - 1 time

- The New Testament - 4 times (once every quarter)

- Proverbs - 12 times (once every month). 


Will you join us as we embark on this journey? Just click on the sign up link below.

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