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With almost 8 Billion people on our planet, it's easy to get lost in the sea of faces. But every face has a story. You have a story. No matter your past, your story - all of our stories - are being painted on the canvas of life by our culture, color, decisions, geography, and the world we live in.

Your story might be one of curiosity or one whose faith is hanging by a thread. You need to know that you have been designed, crafted, formed and infused with life, hope and destiny. Because of this, you are known, accepted and loved.


We want to inspire you to discover your Maker and all you are made for. So that as you go, God through you! The AVL City Church story is the story wrapped in the life, the power and the love of Jesus Christ and is the community for you and your family.

Maybe you have never stepped foot in a Church before or worse, you have been hurt by those in the Church. We are so sorry that those whom you have encountered failed to live out the truth in love. Our desire is for you to discover Jesus because He will never leave you, fail you or abandoned you.

This is why we have opened our doors wide! Our story and our future is yet to be written so we invite you into this story.  We want you to be able to tell your story and more importantly to inspire you to discover yourself in God's story. This is our invitation to you, plunge in with people who love you, are for you and will walk with you.

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