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Our Good Friday services are crafted to help us contemplate, revere, and even embrace the cross which is the finished work of Jesus Christ. As we approach Easter, it can be tempting to rush past Good Friday or turn away from the cross in discomfort. But we must see the cross as the precursor of joy, an inseparable part of the triumph that we celebrate at Easter. We will gather, worship Jesus, and partake in Holy communion as a church family. 

*No childcare. Children are welcome to participate.


Without the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, humanity is doomed. Satan tried to cancel Jesus, but he failed! So we celebrate that death and the grave could not hold the Promised Messiah. What this means for us is that we no longer have to fear death but could live in victory knowing that to live is Christ to die is gain. 

*Kidville for you kiddos will be open.


People across the globe have been beaten up by life and many are living defeated lives.

We can help because Jesus in us makes us hope carriers.

There's never been a better time to invite your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to explore Jesus.


Can you PRAY?

Can you BRING someone to either one or both weekend experiences?


It’s that simple.

You can start the conversation and either bring them or share a link with them.

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